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After WWII communism blossomed in Eastern Europe and Russia (known as U.S.S.R. back then) was sitting upon the thrown of the “Soviet Bloc”.  Two of the main identities of this era was the Berlin Wall, that divided Germany between East and West.  The other was the Iron Curtain, which consisted of electrical bob wire fencing along the Hungary-Austria border.  People of the countries under Soviet authority were imprisoned because they were simply born during a time tyrants had no one to answer to and the mere thought, or suspicion of speaking out against the draconian authority was the greatest crime.

Here it is 2016 and at Green Bay Correctional Institution the parallel are the same.  Every man convicted of crime and sentenced to prison has received his punishment.  His debt to society is being paid in installments with years of his own life.  This is not a matter of who’s innocent or guilty.  This is a punishment.  This is a matter of being sentenced and coming to prison was the punishment.  However, what society doesn’t know and for those who do only to turn a blind eye; the punishment collects “interest” in the form of Russian KGB and East Germany Stasi tactics.  Draconianism blossoming.

My comparison with the days during the cold war does with the topic in this first of many articles to follow.  When “dissidents” were sent to labor camps in Siberia their crimes were for being poets, writers, professors, teachers, lawyers, and those willing to speak out against the tyrants.

Right now today the so-called greatest security threat to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and in particular GBCI are not gang members, drug dealers, sexual deviants or any other DOC 303 rule violator.  Surprisingly, it’s the “litigator.”  The MAN willing to write a complaint against staff corruption and abuse.  The MAN willing to write the higher authority of the DOC Headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.  The MAN willing to write the State Legislators seeking intervention on a department that disregards the law and its own policies when it does not suit their agenda.  The MAN who learns the law on both State and Federal and files in the courts a constitutional wrong or disregard for due process.  The MAN willing to assist and teach other inmates how to stand up for their rights without an act of violence or disobedience, but with pen and paper.  The MAN who has a voice in the world who diligently makes phone calls and write letters to the media because of their unrelentless love and compassion.  The MAN who has not accepted the title of something less than animal. This Man is the greatest threat to any prison where the Administration and Security operate like the KGB or Stasi.

Many may wonder about the first level of ones opportunity to file a complaint through the Inmate Complaint Review System under DOC 310.  This is about as effective as a band-aid on a Great White Stark bite.  In ten years, I’ve file numerous complaints for various reasons ranging from staff misconduct to property being taken.  On average, only one in every 50 complaints was not dismissed.  Of the few that were “affirmed” these were done by “Madison” usually six months after the complaint was filed.  Imagine a complaint system that, out of ten years and all the serious complaints I’ve filed I was only interviewed one time by the complaint examiner.  You have a complaint system where the “examiners” are all in-house and usually the relative of some other staff working throughout the institution.  The favorite saying by correctional officers when they’re aware you’re filing a complaint on them, “be sure to spell my name right.”  No matter how cruel or inhumane the SS were during Nazi Germany, they never worried about Hitler disciplining them.

In this modern day Soviet Bloc as a litigator I have been subjected to disciplinary decisions not in accordance with their policies.  The dispositions imposed on me has been months in segregation when others in comparison only get weeks.  I’m reminded often by the “Secuirty” not to aid anyone with complaints or appeals-or further isolation will occur.

It is my hope (God willing) Insha’Allah to write more and bring forth awareness on the issues hidden from society of the treatment of your sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands.  My fear is only of my Creator, but to protect others I’ll write under Kalama.  It is my hope the world will see this ugliness and condemn it for what it is and those who hide behind a wall of secrecy. 

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