Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hunger strikers and retaliation

2 inmate complaints about Retaliation for  Hunger striking/GBCI


Lamar Larry 293906; WCI
My name is Lamar Larry. I've been on AC since August 2011 to February 2014. That's 30 months and I was placed back on 3/31 15-13 minths and still counting> They stated that (A/C) administrative Ocnfinement is a non-punitive status, when its very much so punitive because the difference is very slim. Not only that but punitive status has an out date to get released for segregation while (A/C)Administrative Confinement prisoners get reviewed every 6 months. There's no out date, just reviews and if you compare WCI AC with any other prison's rules it is a 18 months maximum. On A/C at WCI we can  spend years on A/C which is a long term segregation stay. Subjected to mental anguish  and mental health problems with yelling /arguing all day, suicide attempts and having very limited access to a number of things make it very much so punitive- more than the actual punitive status. On June 10th  2016 a group of us on A/C are going on a hunger strike as protest to our mistreatment. As of right now there are 16 or more on A/C who are confined to segregation, which is the primary status of AC. Administrative Confinement is to be in segregation until you are let off..


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