Friday, September 30, 2016

Lawsuit Against Abuse of Solitary Confinement in Progress

LaRon McKinley 00042642
WCI, PO Box 351;Waupun, WI 53963

LaRon McKinley has been in solitary for over 20 years.

My name  is  LaRon McKinley Bey. I am a 60 year old prisoner,
 unmarried, and with a 42 year old daughter.  I was born and
raised in Milwaukee, I am an only son with 7 sisters and am
 fortunate to have both parents still living, and whom I love
the most in this world. I came from a very strong and loving
 family but being away from them so long has had the effect
 of losing familiarity and increasing the distance of
familial ties.
I have been isolation (solitary confinement), or Administrative
Confinement (AC), for more than 27 ½ years, and it appears,
if my warders have it their way, that there’s no end in sight.
 This type of confinement has taken a toll upon me, but
 luckily I had good health early and. So I’m not devastated
health wise at this point. I remain strong,

I’m an artist and would love to spend the vast
majority of my days drawing but being in isolation
 has suppressed my creative output artistic-wise,
and I have lost the desire to even attempt an art
project for about 5 years now, which is one of
 the symptoms of my isolative confinement.
I’m hoping to, somehow, extract myself
 from isolation and into a more hospitable
 environment where I can resume expressing
 my artistic side. I love to do portraits. That frees
 my soul.

I am heading a lawsuit challenging prolonged AC, including of the mentally ill. The suit has the
 potential of really bringing major change in Wisconsin’s practice of prolonger isolative
confinement> I invite you to follow the progress in the case PACER (public access to court 
electronic records). The case is McKinley V Pollard et al , case No. the Eastern
District Court of Wisconsin.

I would love to correspond too: La Ron McKinley Bey 42642, WCI, PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963.
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LaRon's class action complaint, submitted in May 2016
2) Due to recent court ruling, A prisoners has to have a lawyer for his/her case before submitting
the case to the court. This is nearly an impossibility for prisoners . Here despite LaRon's repeated 
attempts to find a lawyer, Classs action was denied and LaRon is proceeding with individual claims.
Above is the complaint and below is the court's denial of class action status.

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Some of LaRon's art

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