Friday, September 30, 2016

JIm Smith, Courageous Victim?

If after reading this, you decide to help, use template below.
Contact FFUP first to find out current  
See FFUP PREA report here (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Here is template:   
Jim Smith 17901
WCI,PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53901
To WCI Warden Brian Foster, Po Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963; 902-324-571,
DOC, 608-240-5000 switchboard phone /address for all below: DOC, PO Box 7925, Madison, 53707
     Pick one:
       Jim Schwochert, DAI Admnisrator , ;608-240-5104,
      Mark Heise, Bureau of Offender Movement and Classification;, 608-240-5811
      Jon Litscher, DOC Secretary ,; 608-240-5000(lobby)
September 28, 2016
I am writing to alert you to a dangerous situation. Jim smith is 76 years old- very small and bad heart and is in extreme danger now in WCI. I second a request that he be moved as soon as possible. We request a move to WSPF but anywhere will be an improvement. Let explain: For about a  year Jim Smith has been writing FFUP advocate Peg Swan, at first complaining of routine rapes by a gay guard and when this guard was transferred, he complained that officer Moungey regularly open his cell door to let other inmates in to rape him. Efforts to get help were met with severe retaliation including meal and meds denial and punches to his stomach ( not visible).Ms Swan spent much time trying unsuccessfully to get forensic testing done after assaults and we wonder how inmates can be called liars when they are given no way to prove their allegations.
Now Jim Smith faces extortion and beatings. He was told he was going to GBCI and is afraid the intention is to kill him before that happens. Here is his statement: “I been told by three different inmates the last couple of days that staves [staff] are recruiting inmates to give me a good beating before I leave Waupun; if so I will most likely die... since [my] heart is in real bad shape so I thought I had better tell you so if something dire happens to me”  In his next letter he writes about being bludgeoned in the head form behind causing three inch welt. He tells of two extortion letters demanding he purchase Canteen items for them or face more beatings. Final letter states he believes move has been cancelled.
Part of the reason for believing him is the 2014 series on Assaults at WCI in which Moungey and Beahm were cited in most of 40 assault complaints. After a few months of window dressing changes, WCI seems to be back to old ways, only this time most victims know better than to complain. Jim’s case is different in that he will not hide.
He cannot stand any more assaults and needs protection and a fresh start. A move to WSPF is best but any prison is fine. I do not expect you to believe me or him- moving this man a.s.a.p.  is simply prudent and just.--
I thank you for your attention.
 Jim Smith 17901, WCI, PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
 From letter 9-15-16

         Background-  been working with him for almost a year trying to stop ongoing rapes. They have morphed- first was by one gay guard who has been transferred. Since then Mounguey.(M) ( Guard made infamous in 2014 Wisconsin Watch articles . He was named in majority for 40 complaints/lawsuits on guard assaults) had been orchestrating assaults by inmates. M opens Smith’s door and lets them in. After trying to get action failed, I worked on getting him transferred to WSPF (which always has room and is the one prison with well trained guards I am told by inmates). Instead, the plan is to transfer him to GBCI-which is at least out of WCI..

         Present problem: Guards are organizing prisoners to regularly beat Jim in an effort to see he never leaves WCI. The prisoners have twice given him list of canteen items he is suppose to buy them or they will regularly beat him? Jim has been beaten a lot to stop him from complaining-usually “bivwacked”- punched in the gut where it does not show. Last letter he was attacked from behind- did not see the guy and ended with a 3 inch head wound. I have made the rounds with a “PREA “report asking for independent investigation of rape allegations and protection for Jim. Talked to new, good nurse at WCI and tried to tell her what was going on and she said: “I can’t know that: I have to work here.”

          From Letter: 9-15,9-18 2016: Inserted in letter was note listing canteen items worth 39$ given him by another inmate (extortion) and “cognitive Behavior plan ”listing getting a job as goal

         “Dear Peg, Today is Thursday and I’m writing through Sunday as marked above. Received their page Wednesday night at mail time from when at social services yesterday-when told ( I am to go)back to Green Bay. Yeah , they’re putting super pressure on me using inmates as  you can see from the note inserted from c-56 inmate next to me which is totally absurd, crazy, as I do not have any money and if I did I surely wouldn’t buy him $39.89 of canteen items regardless what including death as death doesn’t mean a thing to me like a rat’s ass to be Risque(?). In the case plan page I asked for cognitive behavior (ral)? And of acquiring a job which is to go to Green Bay on the computer which is transferred just before I go……(worries that he will not get any caring nurse at GBCI after finally getting a good one at WCI)

           Went to HSU for EKG:”Told my heart was really bad, a blockage, off beat, etc, and that I should of died long ago and hopefully that I would to save the state and institution money-verbatim as told me by nurse Sandy Rymarkiewicz, the mother of Captain Rymarkiewicz that is of security and the north Cell Hall supervisor  too, one that denied all my inmate complaints and constantly lied to me..all facts, not at all any fabrication. I should if been sent to a better institution long ago instead of always lied about and put down, assaulted. All the bivwhacking, kicks, punches over the years caused this all and now I’m to die and save the state money. All this evil crap, meanness, etc proves to me there’s no such thing as a decent God, Jesus etc, it’s all pure bullshit, but let’s say he did exist then he’s one evil, nasty God. Told to not expect to live much longer. Peg, wish I could of been transferred where you asked me to go so I could have seen you at least once, but you know Heise of Director of..movement wouldn’t approve it. See what the evil police did in Waukesha jail-turned off all water in the inmate’s cell and let him die of dehydration and it will be called appropriate justice. Evil, evil people…….

             Again, I been told by three different inmates the last couple of days that staves (staff)are recruiting inmates to give me a good beating before I leave Waupun; if so I will most likely die if hit in the heart area since heart is in real bad shape so I thought I had better tell you so if something dire happens to me, I’m mailing this Sunday so you’ll know what’s going on.”

Jim T Smith 17901 WCI; Monday 9 -19-16

            “I was put back on A-tier but #16 this time… Moved a little after 12 noon and approximately couple hours later got hit in the head above the forehead a couple inches and have about a three inch long lump which really hurt and still did for the rest of the day… As promised the evilness struck and I did not see whom hit me as was all dizzy, and burred for awhile. Said, told, if I complain I’ll get much more and a conduct report saying it was self inflicted along with the bruises; so I can’t win, only more suffering….If I do not get out of here soon, I’m done as this assaulting has gotten real serious..I hardly slept all night

 with my head pain, But doin’ the best I know how to do considering all the hateful stuff.

Here’s the note/list given to me by some inmate. LO! I send you these items to keep to use as proof. There’s inmates that get extorted, assaulted, et cetera things all the time

              Tuesday: not doing all that well since yesterday. After I went to showers about 8:30 pm and when I came back the guy that was next to me in c-56 came to me door and said there’s a hit on me if I do not get the canteen but I just ignored all and no longer care about threats, as I am ready to accept whatever happens regardless of life as I am tired at all the evil living. Well, no classification to move as told but I ‘m used to their lies and sadistic crap. I guess I will need more help getting out of here as told by a CO, that the institution wants me here to regret causing problems for security. That is all I heard today but seriously waiting another attack as I know it is coming. No mail today

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