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Complaints Green Bay Correctional Institution

Complaints Green Bay Correctional Institution

the major irony and tragedy in GBCI and all WI DOC prisons is that at
least a third of the inmates are mentally ill and needing treatment. There is none to speak of. Severe overcrowding and lack of staff make even psychologist or psychiatrist visits infrequent.

one of the descriptions of segregation conditions comes from an inmate in CCI.
With no meaningful activities that would help them vent their feelings, many inmates turn their attention to harming themselves- usually cutting- and instead of treatment they get more time in segregation as punishment. This is against the rules supposedly, but it happens a lot. Here is a link to one such conduct report:
here is picture of part of the CR( conduct report)

Leighton Lindsey 423758 GBCI
Leighton Lindsey letter to all

I am still recovering from my cuts and lacerations I really cut myself up bad on 8 4 16 and 8 9 16.My wrist ,legs and stomach , arm us all cut up, then I had to deal with nurses who refused to suture and stitch some of the deep cuts that have now formed KEYLOIDS that hurt like hell and nasty scaring that could have been prevented>worst health care every. They are lazy, unethical and uncaring with health services. Damn near every appointment I have with health services I find myself battling ,arguing, debating against the GBCI health services>toward the end of this year on 8-9-2016 when I cut myself up a psychological associate named Scott Forges gave me a spoon told me to slice my wrists. He took me off observation suicide watch lying saying I told him I was not suicidal. I will definitely be suing him.
N-E-Ways I was in a very deep state of depression.  I could not write and barely got out of bed or worked on any of my lawsuits however I am better now>after reading your last newsletter about copper contaminating Waupun water I’m wondering if I was there for 6 months maybe am suffering from contamination or whether I have symptoms or health problems. it’s scary to know that the department of corruption knew about the contamination and kept it to themselves putting inmates at risk.
Anyhow it’s sad and never get to write you and tell you good news. One would think my stories must be made up because they are always filled with sadness and pain. But is night mare has been my reality for many years as my family and friends have died and faded away. My health has worsened and health services are being deliberately indifferent towards me. There’s just a cluster of problems I am going through.
When I first got locked up in 2007 I had support and$ but as  the years disappeared so did the support and $.It did not help that I continued t receive additional time for catching new charges which pissed people off.
And some support would help take pressure off the suffering, the stress, anxiety and depression that I feel  daily. Its so bad that I have fallen behind on a lot of my litigation and I have to force myself to work and it’s not easy because the medication I’m prescribed-sometimes I don’t take it because it makes me tired and sleepy and the medication I am prescribed for depression sometimes I don’t take because of uncomfortable side effects, peg, I feel I am at the end of my rope and I’ll no longer be putting up protests about everything and every prisoners issues. It is taking up too much of my time and receiving no reward. I will focus on the inhumane issues but that is all I can afford to do no . I ‘m  exhausted and broke. When things are rough I have no one to lean on for support. Everyone wants something but no one wants to provide help when needed except you and even though you help you are still limited in the help you can give.//Goes on to ask me to try to find his stepbrother.
I’ve been locked up for over ten years. I have no tv or radio pr the luxury of owning personal specific magazines and books is nonexistent to me. I don’t have that pleasure. Its time to try to reach out and network to avoid the pitfalls of deep depression-cutting myself and going through with suicide. I’d never cut myself but 2 days in one week last month it was easy.peg, I can’t keep suffering like this. I’m close to giving  up. I’ve got to find  a way to gain support. Asks I help him find his step brother and friends..
Leighton Lindsey 423758 for newsletter

You have constitutional right to be placed in a non punitive status when U inform staff you’re having thoughts of self harm and when engaged in acts of self harm. If you are not placed in clinical observation status but placed into control status which is a punitive status U may have grounds for a lawsuit. Be sure to file complaints any time this happens to you and be very detailed in your complaint and include names of all staff involved. Also be sure to write to psychological services and describe the events so that the issue is documented> Security can’t circumvent policies regarding suicide-self harm prevention by using control status as a way to punish U to discourage you from requesting to be placed in clinical Observation.
Rules to change
Changes requested:” The AC  Proposal is solid and definitely a work of perfection-“
Bag meal restriction is something that’s inhumane. Each prison is different due to what meals are put in the bags. Some prisons only place sandwiches-fruit. No soupy liquidy meals in paper bags. Others ensure that liquids-soupy meals are in containers then placed within the bags GBCI is adamant on being inhumane as much as possible to segregation prisoners.
Prisoners on clinical observation and control status being escorted throughout segregation barefoot is a matter I’d like to see changed .
Making prisoners on clinical observation status dry off their bodies with paper towels is a matter that needs to change-
Giving prisoners on control status  only a waist to knee length kilt to wear-no socks-no mattress-shirt-underwear-or security blanket in cold weather or in any weather is inhumane especially over periods of 8 or more hours.

Leighton Complains of bug infestations, as many inmates do
Leighton complains of deliberate indifference
 staff takes away his inhaler
 Staff walks away as he states he will harm himself




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