Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day to Day for the mentally ill


 explanation of observation vs control status coming soon
Jeff Davis, mentally Ill  Describes the Treatment Regime

written by Jeff Davis, CCI Seg, 3 13 15. He has only pencil to write with and it is too light to scan? relevant paragraphs typed in full, some summaries/
     “I assume you’ve surmised by my writing utensil that I find myself once again in CCI’s dreaded segregation unit. Unfortunately I did relapse and engage in self-harm on February 1-but knowing the CCI’s punishing administrations ways, I didn’t report it.
      When I did report it, I wasn’t provided proper medical treatment and consequently I was more severely injured and endured brutal open stomach surgery. I’ll spare you the details but I had to stay in the hospital for twelve days and I was lucky to live.
      I came back to CCI and they immediately started their punishment antics, even though I had no offenses or conduct reports. I was treated poorly, denied my psych meds-food-phone-property etc. I quickly fell into their trap, here’s what they wrote in their conduct report:

      "on about 3/4/15 about 10:10 am while working the bubble officer Janda-Stark  heard what sounded like pounding on a cell door from the infirmary.I heard it again. Officer Armson was escorting an inmate to HUB, so I could not respond to the banging as soon as would have liked. About 10:15 Officer Armson returned. I went to the cell which housed Inmate Davis. I asked him if he was pounding on the door. He stated yes, I need obs.’ I stated Dr ..? was coming to talk to him—he stated ”no more talking , I want obs!”(note: OBs is suicide observation) Davis asked me to remove his seg-pencil from his cell, I did that. officer Armson called a white shirt. Lt Miller came to r/o Ly Miller, Officer Armson and Officer Rickey talked to Davis at his cell door. The officers cuffed Davis and removed him from his cell to the dayroom in the infirmary. Dr Trinidad Showed up and talked to all of them in the infirmary. inmate Davis was escorted without incident  to DSI and placed in control status.End of conduct report
   Then I was placed in a filthy cold cell nude, with only a paper gown for 6 hours, it was bad, they offered me 60 days in seg! Taking that would have waived my appeal rights –no way. I would also have condoned this.
     Here is the problem: CCI is drastically understaffed. At one point they needed 45 officer positions filled. At that time they had a significant Issue with inmates abusing  observation status placements (i.e.”I can’t get my visit so I am going to cut myself-I need to go to obs”) When there is 10 or 15 inmates on obs, it taxes staff resources on EVERY shift , often necessitating 6 or more staff persons on any shift.
     Their response to this shortage was to utilize no – clinical staff to identify why an inmate is threatening to or engaging in self injury or suicide. When they feel the behavior was a result of wanting or not getting something, they place him in control status, as they did me, EVEN if you actually harmed yourself already. Control status is punitive, very restrictive. You are only checked every thirty minutes and you do not see a clinician. 
      OBS , on the other hand , IS non-punitive, you’re monitored every 5 minutes and also clinically monitored. Peg, you know the law sp please hear me when I say this: THEY ARE WRONG FOR THIS!! They have a duty to protect an inmate from self injurious acts and suicide.That duty does not hinge upon inmates motives, be they suicide, manipulation or anything else.
      So you see, say a guy doesn’t get to call his kids. He’s already upset and decides to say “staff-I’m going to cut myself because I can’t use the phone and will be dead by the morning.” They now perform a cursory search of him and place him in control status with a ticket> they walk away and may not even check on him in 30 minutes as required. He pulls out and fatally wounds himself.”
      That’s crazy huh? So believe me It’s time to take a stand-I thought I was done litigating against the State but this has me irate. To use conduct reports and control; to curb the obs placements is absurd and downright dangerous.

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