Saturday, February 20, 2010

NO privacy in seg talks with Psychologist

1) A letter written in uncertain hand- needs spelling help, tells of no privacy in seg units and that has led to harrassment by other prisoners who hear the psychologist talking to prisoners. This man has attempted to kill himself because of this. I have written him and invited him to write me.
Plan: send letter and cover to head of health James greer. We have discussed lack of privacy before and he has started reforms- obviously not taken seriously. James Greer is a man who does what he can , he is a nurse and truly tries to help.

Collect all documents on seg and send to justice deparment
Collect all seg docs for report
blog to organize.

typed text of letter _Picture coming.
Summary of issue
I am a prisoner of the WIDOC and have been fighting for proper health care and mental health care and have file a case entitled SALAS v GAMS et al 09-cv-237 but do not have the funding to file the rest yet but working on it.
I am a seg max inmate and during 2007 through 2009 while housed at Columbia correctional institute, went through many health problems as a result I needed to see HSU at CCI. During almost all HSU visits I was sitting in the seg building in the day room where food is prepared, Hair dsuts are done , seg visits are dine and more.

During the visits other inmates can hear people’s private medical problems and they make fun or staff and inmates harass them. Due to this is what led up to more that one of my suicide attempts at CCI. The worst one in 2008 0n 10/24/08 when I took about 50 to 75 500 mg pills of seraquil and had to spend time at Divine Savior Hospital on 10/24/2008and Madison Hospital on 10/24/08 and 10/25/08. The Cos told me when I came back that my heart stopped in the van on the way tp the hospital and staff told other inmates about what I did just to make fun of me.

Per Wisconsin DOC Health services policy and procedure, 300.11, 300.16 and 300.18 , ALL HSU visits are to be done in a confidential manner to stop other inmates and staff from hearing this but CCI does not do this not does RCI.

After I filed my lawsuit in 2009 against CCI the DOC moved me out of seg bet before that several harassed me and my fellow litigator by moving me away from him and after the doc let Mr Miller kill himself next door to me i lost it again . i was on Unit 7 at CCI when miller killed himself . i banged on the door but no staff responded till a long time after. I have incident reports where inmates told the CCI HSU that I was banging o the door and woke some other up so there is no way the staff should have not responded.

The staff at CCI harassed me for filing my complaints and working on my legal work, left me on bag meals and more.

After the DOC moved me to RCI seg the same problems took place with HSU and when I started filing my lawsuits about being seen in the day room, staff started retaliating by playing with my mail and writing me false C?R and more,-abusing me by not allowing me to do school and more.

This is only a brief summary about the problems going on > I need help getting my case out there in the world and some people to help me with postage and litigatiing my case and make the doc get me the mental health treatment i need.

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